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Texas Energy Metrics
*Deregulated Energy Markets

California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, Washington DC.
Green Energy Sources
Green Energy Sources
Wind Energy
Solar Energy
Hydro Energy
Geothermal Energy
Over a 12 month period
pounds of CO2 avoided
That's like planting
new trees
Electricity Usage Calculator

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Average monthly usage
734 kWh
Average monthly cost

Disclaimer: This tool is for approximation purposes only. Accuracy is not guaranteed or implied. The approximated monthly usage is based on an average over 12 months. Air conditioning and heating costs can vary and often account for up to 50 percent of your home's energy use during different seasons. Factors such as size of your home, weather, construction, heating and cooling equipment type, insulation, and family living habits will influence your actual usage.

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Best Rates
After cash-back, the rate you pay is what our cost was.
Awesome Service
Call, text message, email, or pigeon mail, our Texas-based team is here when you need us.
High Rewards
Get automatic cash-back applied to your crypto wallet every month.
Fuel Mix
Fuel Mix is a graphical representation of energy generation broken down by resource type in Real-Time.

Note: Maison Energy is committed to only buying from renewable sources (Solar, Wind, Hydro).
Last Updated:

Fuel Mix Solar
0 MW (0%)
Fuel Mix Wind
0 MW (0%)
Fuel Mix Hydro
0 MW (0%)
Fuel Mix Power Storage
Power Storage
0 MW (0%)
Fuel Mix Other
0 MW (0%)
Fuel Mix Natural
Natural Gas
0 MW (0%)
Fuel Mix Coal and Lignite
Coal and Lignite
0 MW (0%)
Fuel Mix Nuclear
0 MW (0%)
Our Promise
How will energy help the Maison Reserve Ecosystem?

Paying an electric bill requires a transaction every 30 days, regardless of a customers' social class and economic environment. It's recession-proof, and a required expense (just like paying taxes), which in turn leads to more transactions that BUY our crypto every month, day, and hour. It also brings long-term stability to the price, making it less prone to extreme fluctuations, as well as nefarious pump-and-dump behavior.

For every buying transaction, there’s a seller. Maison Reserve (the Company) is not selling any of our crypto. Meaning, you as a Maison crypto holder dictate how much you’re willing to sell it back to us for, which is what we in turn give the customer that is on the receiving end of the cash-back transaction. If you’re the only wallet willing to sell us Maison crypto, and we owe a customer $75 dollars in cash-back on their electric bill, even if you want $1 dollar per 1 Maison coin, you’ll get $75 dollars for 75 Maison coins.

Everyone comes out winning! That transaction didn’t cost Maison Reserve (the Company) anything. We simply used the profit margin ($75) from the electric bill that was paid, and went to the exchange offering $75 dollars for 'whatever amount' of Maison crypto those dollars could afford to buy. You as the person that sold the crypto obviously benefited from the transaction. Same goes for the electric customer that received the 75 Maison coins which they spent $0 to acquire.

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